About us

Municipalities Giske, Sula and Ålesund is a permit area.
This means that the cars that originally belonged to the respective municipalities, now can run freely in all three municipalities.
The purpose of this is to give the public better access to taxis in the period with high traffic, while providing more efficient taxis driving by avoiding empty cars returning to the respective municipalities on trips out of the previously separate District.

Ålesund og OmegnTaxi BA (ÅOT BA) is the largest taxi company in the area.
The company services  licenses, and run the  company regulations in accordance to laws and rules. This includes both driving schemes for subcontractors and their ordinary and reserve taxi's in traffic peaks. Our licensees/subcontractors have a duty to support this company.

Ålesund Taxi AS is a company that stands for economic operations.
The company owns and maintains the Central property and equipment.
We are a service company for our licensees/Subcontractors, and shall coordinate services for theese.

ÅOT BA and Ålesund Taxi AS is owned by the taxi owners in the permit area.
In addition to communicate and carry out transport services in the area, ÅOT BA also provides  training of new drivers in the area.
Environment: Our vehicles drives 4 million km a year, and it leads unfortunately to some emissions.
We try to limit the damage by ensuring good maintenance,
and to run some cars on alternative fuels. A few cars have some years been driving on LPG. We hope our modest contribution may be a role model for safe environment for the future, we will keep up with new technology to become even better.

100 years of taxi traffic in Ålesund
In 2009, you could celebrate 100 years of taxi traffic in Ålesund, when it is already in 1909 was run passengers for a fee. At that time we suppose streets and the traffic was different than now a days, it is said that a taxi cars made both pleasure and annoyance, but mostly laughing.

In 1919 it was introduced granting duty for taxis - and the number of taxis had gone up in 20

In 2010, the precursor to Ålesund Taxi 80 year anniversary, when Ålesund taxi owners association was formed in 1930.

Ålesund taxi has over the years been involved in both up and downs in the community, and today Ålesund Taxi largest taxi company in the area - which includes taxi's in the municipalities of Ålesund, Sula and Giske.